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Introducing A System That Makes Your Water Clearly Better

Unconditioned water makes home life hard to love

From soap scum and scaly skin, to low water pressure and costly appliance breakdowns, a homeowner pays dearly when they use untreated water from their local water supply. Fortunately, the solution is easy. Add a home water treatment system equipped with a Pentair valve and an intelligent Logix controller and experience the difference clean water makes across your home.

The solution: treated water for better living…and cost savings

The moment your new system is turned on, you’ll enjoy the benefits of treated water

  • Sudsy showers or household cleaning chores
  • Healthier hair with added volume, softness, and manageability
  • Softer skin that feels noticeably smoother after bathing, showering or shaving
  • Sparkling dishware with no filmy buildup, while using half the dish soap and no rinse additives

Eliminate water scale deposits from sinks, tubs, toilets, cutting boards and counter tops.

Soap savings of up to 50% on laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, fabric softener and more*

Energy savings with improved water heater efficiency nearly 30%*

  • Fluffy towels and cleaner clothes that look brighter and feel softer
  • Cooler ice cubes that freeze better for more attractive drinks
  • Improved appliance performance in dishwashers and washing machines… no more water scale buildup on internal parts
  • Cleaner, clearer plumbing that works well, clogs less, and maintains full pressure longer

*Source: Water Quality Association

Autotrol 255/760 or autotrol 268/760- for high flow systems**

WHY IT’S BETTER Your water professional has good reason to suggest a system centered on Pentair components:

  1. Trustworthy flow control: the Pentair valve is designed to deliver reliable high volumes of treated water over a longer period, thanks to features that improve performance and durability
    • Frictionless seal valves keep untreated and treated water separate
    • High flow design means less pressure drop when demand surges
    • Tough reinforced thermoplastic construction won’t corrode, and is certified for material safety*
  2. Intelligent cycle control: the electronic Logix controller governs system cycling to provide many operating advantages
    • Choose the time clock mode or the environmentally and economically friendly metered mode that regenerates only when needed, saving water and salt
    • Automatic power backup
    • Smart 28-day Variable Reserve feature“learns” your usage pattern and adjusts to demand variations

Control panel with a large LCD screen makes it easy to change settings Treat yourself to superior water treatment. Choose a system built around industry-leading Pentair products, and enjoy a system that runs as smoothly and effortlessly as the water it treats.


The system centers around a pressurized tank filled with negatively-charged resin beads.The beads interact with untreated water to draw off undesirable minerals. A backwash cycle rinses away the captured sediment, followed by a regeneration cycle that recharges the beads with a brine solution.

The entire process is managed by a precisely engineered Pentair Autotrol valve, that works in tandem with a Logix electronic controller to treat your water with maximum affordability and eco-friendliness.

  1. Unconditioned water passes through a bed of resin beads
  2. Undesirable minerals are attached to the surface of the resin beads
  3. All undesirable minerals are removed when the water reaches the bottom of the tank
  4. The conditioned water is distributed throughout the house
  5. Brine solution is used to recharge the resin beads during regeneration


Many homeowners choose to further enhance their home’s water supply by adding a drinking water system. A Pentair system can greatly reduce contaminants that make water taste and smell bad. Some systems also reduce waterborne chemicals that may be harmful to you family’s health.

Your Pentair professional can install drinking water solution to serve an entire home, or you make choose a point-of-use product that improves water used for drinking and cooking. A new carbon filtration or reverse osmosis system delivers safer, fresher, more flavorful water for pennies a day. You can say goodbye to costly bottled water, and the gallons of oil waste they produce. Make the switch to Pentair systems today to experience higher-quality water & cost.

**Kris and Jake will evaluate your home and needs to determine which valve will be best for you.

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