Water Heater Replacement in Spokane Valley

Is your water heater giving you problems? Don’t just leave it and hope it gets better—call in the professionals to determine whether it just needs some maintenance, or if you need a full replacement.

Salt of the Earth, Inc. works with every type of electrical water heater on the market, and can provide you with fast and efficient estimates that will get you on the right path to repair or replacement in no time.

As certified electricians, our contractors provide only the safest removal of old water heating systems and installment of new ones. Spokane Valley homeowners can count on us for all of their water heater repair and replacement needs!

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Do I Need to Replace my Heater?

One can never be certain whether or not they need to replace their electrical water heater until professionals are brought in to do an inspection. But, there are some signs that you can keep an eye out for that will give you an idea.

If you’re hearing strange noises, that’s always a sign that your electrical devices are having problems. Strange smells go in the same boat. Rumbling and burning smells are not normal for an electrical heater and are signs you need an electrician in immediately.

Is your water heater leaking? Is your water rusty? Does it taste metallic?

These are all signs that at the very least you need some basic repairs. Don’t be one of the Spokane Valley homeowners that leaves it for too long and have undrinkable water and a cold home. Call Salt of the Earth, Inc. today and be on the safe side.

Hot Water Heater Replacement Cost

When you work with Salt of the Earth, Inc. you can be sure that we will always do our best to get you the best prices for materials, your new water heater, and labor.

While water heater replacement takes more time than repairs as we need to remove the old heater and bring in a new one, you can expect the job to be done within a day.

While a new water heater with a tank can cost an average of $889, if you are aiming for the eco-friendly and cost-efficient tankless option, your upfront cost will be more along the lines of $3,000.

The installation of a new heater needs to be done carefully, by certified professionals. During the process your power will be off, and our team will work as quickly and safely as possible to ensure a smooth overall process.

Warm up Today

As a homeowner in Spokane Valley, there’s no reason why you should ever have to go without hot water or a warm home when it’s cold out.

Don’t delay calling Salt of the Earth, Inc. to get your water heater assessed if you feel there may be something wrong with it. Potential problems will only get worse over time.

Certified electricians are only a phone call away. We’ll be happy to provide you with affordable options and a free estimate for services and your new heater! Get in touch today, we’re looking forward to helping you out.